to spend quality time with people who are still in your life. Yet Death is also a seeker. There are bureaucratic and economic aspects to it as well. Tupac Shakur, Im the one thats got to die when its time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to. My objection to the death penalty is based on the idea that this is a democracy, and in a democracy the government is me, and if the government kills somebody then I'm killing somebody. Votes: 3, I feel at various times in my life that I've been at a point where I had to choose between a death sentence and a life sentence. Valek: No, it's a promise! Chuck Palahniuk, That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet. Salman Rushdie, indeed any writer who abuses the prophet or indeed any prophet under Islamic law, the sentence for that is actually death. I shall die of having lived. Maxime Lagac, There is only one god and his name is Death, and there is only one thing we say to Death: Not today. Votes: 4, Life as we know it is a death sentence. Ukifanya hivyo na ukabainika; utawajibika kwa adhabu ya kifo, au maisha., Not long ago I was much amused by imaginingwhat if the fancy suddenly took me to kill some one, a dozen people at once, or to do some thing awful, something considered the most awful crime in the worldwhat a predicament my judges would be in, with my having only a fortnight to live, now that corporal punishment and torture is abolished. O Death, made proud with pure and princely beauty! (King John) 35. Deep down, no one really believes they have a right to live. Mourn his victims. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Deportation [ from Germany] that would be a death sentence for me. We are all under sentence of death, but with a sort of indefinite reprieve. Votes: 3, Now in Utah if you get the death sentence, they have the firing squad. Jimi Hendrix, Death is no more than passing from one room into another. Hardy had enough problems as it was; living forever sounded like a death sentence for someone with his practical sensibilities. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The real question of capital punishment in this country is, Since governments take the right of death over their people, it is not astonishing if the people should sometimes take the right of death over governments. In fact, the shock is the biggest thing about a diagnosis of cancer. Web38. And as dying has and continues to be a source of inspiration to art, literature and music, as well as talked about by some of the most famous people, there are many quotes about passing away. Votes: 3, The death sentence is a barbaric act. It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die. $grfb.init.done(function() { And death a note unsaid. I cant believe you would represent a killer like that Jake. Sogyal Rinpoche, Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive the risk to be alive and express what we really are. Euripides With a fast pace world and wanting to reach and accomplish goals sometimes we neglect to pause and just enjoy the moment. WebFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (/ n i t ,-t i /; German: [fid vlhlm nit] or [nits]; 15 October 1844 25 August 1900) was a German philosopher, prose poet, cultural critic, philologist, and composer whose work has exerted a profound influence on contemporary philosophy.He began his career as a classical philologist before turning to philosophy. To help you live a simpler, better and more peaceful life. He will not be alone. WebWhether you look at it from any direction, death is so far also is so near for us, and death penalty is cruel, however it must exist. Yulissa W. Capital punishment is can divided into different types, such as: electric chair, shooting etc., and Death Penalty Topics: Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. After years spent in Washington, I have become more aware than ever of the government's ineptness and the likelihood of its making mistakes. Bryan Stevenson Herberts wife Songs/ Hymns Related Themes: [CDATA[ $j("#generalRegPrompt").hide(); Death is beautiful when seen to be a law, and not an accident. Ashley Montagu, It is nothing to die. Valek: You know a death sentence hasn't kept us apart before. Back in 2004, I lost my girlfriend in a car accident. What do I do to live? She made sure I ate that morning, and I ate that meal on my way to practice crying. Just as when we come into the world, when we die we are afraid of the unknown. Now, even now, when your cruel mouth so calmly speaks my death sentence, I wonder, cold wretch, I wonder still, if I do not love you. In fact, the shock is the biggest thing about a diagnosis of cancer. Having a soft major is nowhere near the career death sentence that so many make it out to be. They do have options, even if the person who gave them their diagnosis isn't aware of all of them. For an innocent man, it's a life of mental torture that the human spirit is not equipped to survive. John Grisham, The Votes: 4, I hope to be granted asylum. He mumbled some defeated truths and left this world. } When that word is pronounced, I know greater and more horrid punishments are going to be inflicted than the gloomiest tyrant has ever invented to satiate his utmost revenge., Ultimately, all executions are political. But theres a difference for me, you know. WebEveryone suffers; life is pain; and death is the final punctuation at the end of that sentence, so deal with it. Mother Teresa, Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities. I reflected on how mass imprisonment has littered the national landscape with carceral monuments of reckless and excessive punishment and ravaged communities with our hopeless willingness to condemn and discard the most vulnerable among us. Thornton Wilder, Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come. Votes: 0, If words had weight, a single sentence from Death would have anchored a ship. "There is no one who can jump so high as to escape death." There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity. To forget time, to forget life, to be at peace. Votes: 3, My grandmother has kept all of his stuff in a drawer. The American Dream has become a death sentence of drudgery, consumerism, and fatalism: a garage sale where the best of the human spirit is bartered away for comfort, obedience and trinkets. Death Penalty' in rarest of rare cases, should adorn criminal justice system in India,which would operate as a detterent mechanism. Maxime is a father of two, INFJ and also loves running. To have no yesterday, and no to-morrow. Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.. Votes: 4, Definitely you don't become famous by doing something bad; that's a professional death sentence. Votes: 3, I cherished you inconstant; what would I have done, faithful? It is lifes change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new. John Muir, I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life. I have the death sentence in seven genres. Uncategorized. Before that, I was the confident guy, succeeding at most things I started. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. Every year, 36,000 people in the United States die of seasonal flu. The question is did you give. William Shakespeare, No one really knows why they are alive until they know what theyd die for. Even today. WebAh, but the one, one of them is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.. Tim Kaine. Willa Cather, The idea is to die young as late as possible. Death almost always brings about unhappiness and despair for those who have lost someone. Bertolt Brecht, Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds. We dual constantly between the conflicting emotions wrung from expressing our enthusiasm for life, and capitulating to the dire ramifications of growing despondency given our keen awareness that we are operating under a death sentence. Spending our tax dollars on actually preventing crimes, instead of pursuing death sentences after they've already been committed, will assure us we will have fewer victims. They themselves have invented Death, they are themselves afraid of it, and they try to frighten us with it., Like water, life is precious, but most people, through their lack of empathy, prefer to waste it., But the rope is still more horrible when it forms the noose around the necks of weak and ignorant people., Death stationed itself in the corner and would not go away. Votes: 3, We're all vanishing organisms and disappearing creatures in space and time - that death sentence in space in time that Kafka talked about with such profundity. Never cheat death or he will slap you with a sentence of misery for the defeat. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the United Nations says it for me. Votes: 3, AIDS today is not a death sentence. Lewis, Death must be so beautiful. Tennessee Williams, Do not fear death so much but rather the inadequate life. The one who strikes, sees blood, is repelled and recoils. Yet we were comfortable killing people who kill, in part because we think we can do it in a manner that doesnt implicate our own humanity, the way that raping or abusing someone would., What do those people think? Walter made me understand why we have to reform a system of criminal justice that continues to treat people better if they are rich and guilty than if they are poor and innocent. Votes: 4, The age of 40 is not a death sentence. Use these inspirational death quotes to focus on the good times and remembering that life goes on. Let it go. Then they throw dirt in your face. Webof the Bible that approves the death sentence for a child who curses his parents, owners of oxen who injure someone through the owner's negligence, anybody who works or kindles Wrong on both counts. It happens in Act 3, Scene 1, in one of Hamlets soliloquies, when he is asking questions about life and death. Rabindranath Tagore, If life must not be taken too seriously, then so neither must death. } else { WebBible Verses About Death. George Orwell, They say you die twice. Many philosophers and authors have written about dying and mused on what it means to us. Web27 Picture Quotes. Almost 56,000 people nationwide are now serving sentences that will keep them locked up until they die, an increase of 66% since 2003, according to The Sentencing Project, a nonprofit that advocates for shorter prison terms. Votes: 4, A death sentence will be issued, a death sentence will be implemented. A death sentence will be issued, a death sentence will be implemented. I was not intending to console and love him because he was sentenced to death., Ni fr fri bostad, vrme, lyse och betjning av staten; det r mycket mer n ni frtjnar, svarade Krestian Ivanovitj. Kurt Russell - John Ruth. Henry David Thoreau. , After all, it kills you. Who would yearn for the day if there were no night? Marcus Aurelius, Death is nothing, but to live defeated is to die every day. No man should be put to death, even as an example, if he can be left to live without danger to society., He's a two-faced, cutthroat, dirt-dumb, chicken shit, slimy, little bastard with a bright future in politics., It is cold at six-forty in the morning on a March day in Paris, and seems even colder when a man is about to be executed by firing squad., In the state I was in, if someone had come and told me I could go home quietly, that they would leave me my life whole, it would have left me cold: several hours or several years of waiting is all the same when you have lost the illusion of being eternal., Death row is a nightmare to serial killers and ax murderers. Votes: 0, If I am part of a group of 100 people, do 99 people have the right to sentence me to death, just because they are majority? Definitely you don't become famous by doing something bad; that's a professional death sentence. Check out those ones by Einstein, Emerson, Aurelius, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, etc. And yet, the age of persecution was the greatest period of church growth in history. Sally Collins is a writer and the founder and owner of Sympathy Message Ideas. Andrew A. Rooney, Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. Then the world will see the end of the Jews is also the end of Bolshevism. I should die comfortably in hospital, warm aad snug, with an attentive doctor, and very likely much more snug and comfortable than at home. Historians are divided in opinion as to whether they should designate him a knave or a madman. Rabindranath Tagore, By becoming deeply aware of our mortality, we intensify our experience of every aspect of life. Other notable interests of Maxime are health (mental and physical), meditation, nutrition, bananas, SEO, human potential, productivity, education and minimalism. Poverty in America today is a death sentence for tens and tens of thousands of our people. Votes: 4, I would prove to you that being different isn't a death sentence but a call to arms. It has been so difficult but Im glad I came across these quotes. It is not death that is terrible, but the knowledge of it: it would be utterly impossible to live if a man could know exactly and definitely the day and hour of his death., It was strange to think that so much humane painstaking care and exertion was being introduced into the business of hanging people; that the most insane deed on earth was being committed with such an air of simplicity and reasonableness.. Ralph Waldo Emerson, My mama always used to tell me: If you cant find somethin to live for, you best find somethin to die for. And, of course, the president could send a clear signal through executive action, like commuting the sentences of those currently on death row. Life and death go hand-in-hand. WebDeath row is a nightmare to serial killers and ax murderers. But theres a difference for me, you know. Michael Murphy - He did not create kings to devour the human race. And so, he killed his inmate to compel the state to execute him by electric chair. Your email address will not be published. }); Steve Jobs, The fear of death follows from the fear of life.